A Journey of Self Discovery, A Bolivian-American Film



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Kawsaypac in Quechua

means "to live"

Kawsaypac is a documentary short film that highlights what the life journey is like for a kid of immigrants, a hyphenated human and what figuring out your identity can be like as a Latine individual. The story travels between life as a Bolivian-American in The United States and traveling back to Bolivia to connect with the ancestral land.


Kawsaypac (pronounced cow-say-pac) means “to live” and is an expression of cheers and giving thanks in Quechua. This story follows fashion designer, Vanessa Acosta's life. She is a Bolivian-American who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in the US with an almost non-existent Bolivian community. This documentary short film shows the ever-evolving experience of being Latina, a hyphenated human, and being a kid of immigrants. It ventures into her familial Indigenous history, showcasing life in Bolivia stretching back from the 1920s into the present day. It is a very powerful and intentional story about the complexities of what life is like.


Abuelita Mika

Part of this story includes diving into the life of Vanessa's 95 year old grandmother and her life in Bolivia.

Bolivian Tierra

This film wouldn't be whole if it wasn't for the powerful energy of Bolivian land. La Pachamama is a vital character in this journey.

Self Exploration

This story is about life. From birth to death and everything in between. Discovering more of the culture, the history, and oneself.

The Mission

Visibility for the Bolivian community.

Opening the conversation up on how complex it is to be a hyphenated human.

Highlighting the rich, beautiful culture, land and people of Bolivia

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Screening in Los Angeles,CA

April 12th 2024

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